Beauty and Personal Care

The outside should perfectly reflect beauty of the contents

Beauty and Personal Care

Perfume and cosmetics are sublime products, often requiring a unique and exquisite display. The first impression of a product, the thing that makes us reach for this particular one, is the magic of the packaging. Made of the finest quality materials, with an eye-catching design, it attracts us like a magnet.
Properly designed and manufactured packaging is the best brand ambassador. It’s worth aiming for exclusive solutions in order to highlight the prestige of the product.

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What we offer

Premium packaging highlighting an exquisite product image in the customers’ eyes.

Designed with the beauty of the product in mind

We work with you to create appropriate designs  and select the best technologies to ensure your product is captivating.

Expert advice

With our long-standing experience, a broad portfolio of design solutions and an experienced R&D team, we are able to meet the high demands of the beauty market. We deliver tailor-made projects for promotional campaigns, such as gift sets, multi-packs, packaging for seasonal holidays and special occasions.
In cooperation with packaging machine manufacturers, we have implemented a number of comprehensive projects that streamline the transition from manual to automatic packaging.

Quality that enhances beauty

We use the best materials available to highlight the appeal of the product and guarantee it stands out on the shelf.

Technology that builds the image

Exclusive and rich finishing highlights the beauty of the product which appeals to the senses (holographic laminate effect, 3D embossing and soft touch effect).

Not too big, not too small – size really matters

We adjust the technical parameters of a design to obtain the required sizing and shape for optimum use of the product inside.

Eco solutions

We offer sustainable packaging solutions which are ideal not only for organic cosmetics, but add value to any cosmetic product.

Oral Care

Packaging for the oral care industry should be both practical and attract attention like a snow-white, perfect smile. Shiny, with a quality finish and the right colours, they bring to mind the effect of the product hidden inside.
We have been working with the leading manufacturers of the oral care industry for many years. We know how to make the packaging perfectly match our customer’s expectations.

The packaging we produce guarantees the quality of the materials, functionality and product safety with the highest of hygienic standards, while still being environmentally friendly.

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What we offer

Premium packaging highlighting an exquisite product image in the customers’ eyes.

Optimised design

The choice of technical parameters is proven in production tests to obtain the appropriate rigidity, which guarantees optimal packaging forming/assembly on the packaging lines and process efficiency.

Innovative green solutions

Support in implementation of green solutions, eliminating the combination of cardboard and plastic. Our innovative ECOLURE technology makes it possible to achieve a glossy coating on all or a part of the packaging without PET film adhesion, ultimately making the packaging fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We have been working with an extensive network of recycled cardboard suppliers.

High-volume production capacity

Machinery that provides high-volume production capacity. With our 3 plants located near the largest Polish cities in the north, west and east of the country, we ensure flexibility and offer convenient transport options to all European markets.

A wide range of finishing

Eye-catching finishing (beautiful laminates with diffraction and a unique lens effect, hot stamping and cold foil, or exceptional embossing) and attention to detail are things that we pride ourselves on. We work with you to select coating parameters that will ensure optimum use of your packaging lines.

Ergonomics and beauty combines

Attractive litho-laminated packaging matching the unit packaging (display or multipack).

Marking on packaging lines

Each package has a code which is made during the machine gluing process. This is a safety guarantee that helps to prevent errors which can occur during in-line packing at your factory.

Product testing

We run our in-house laboratory where we test products according to specific requirements and customers’ specifications. We test packaging parameters such as friction force, scuffing and opening force to maximise smooth process flow on your packaging line.

Tissues and Personal Hygene

The variety of personal care products requires an individual approach to a packaging design.
We provide a full range of packaging solutions, from product development, design and final production, to logistics. We have been a reliable packaging partner for our customers in the personal care sector for many years. We work closely with our clients at each stage of the process to offer the necessary assistance in achieving functionality and product quality that will exceed even the highest of expectations.

Beauty and functionality

Trust our innovative technology tailored for the production of various types of tissue boxes, making the use of the products exceptionally easy. High quality printing and finishing makes the product not only functional, but also an attractive element of everyday life.

We produce high quality packaging for hygiene products for home and personal use, including feminine hygiene products, as well as tissues and cleaning products. Reusable packaging is also available. We provide a large variety of special print finishing.

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What we offer

Premium packaging highlighting an exquisite product image in the customers’ eyes.

Experienced project team

Design and manufacture of durable, elegant packaging from solid to corrugated and litho-laminated cardboard in unique shapes.

Smart design

Designing construction to facilitate an easier use of the product and appropriate assembly/ forming on the production line, which will ensure faster packing efficiency.

Sustainable know-how

In line with eco trends, we offer paper solutions instead of PET window film.

Convenient product packaging options

Mixing packages with different graphic designs is possible within one outer box. This type of packing proves to be popular with retail chains and drugstores.

Design and style

Enhance the design of your packaging with a variety of printing (up to 8 colours in one process) and coating technologies (including subtle spot and structural hybrid varnish).

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