Packaging that makes a difference.

Single unit packaging

Every exquisite product needs a beautiful background presentation. A flacon for perfumes, a premium bottle for liquors or beverages, or a box for chocolate truffles are all affirmations of pleasure. The promise hidden within luxurious packaging is even more luring.

There is a story behind every product. Therefore, we have a case-by-case approach to our customer’s projects. We care about the quality of materials and printing. We pay attention to detail, choosing the right finishing to complement and maximise the beauty of the packaging we produce.

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Cold foil

Eco-friendly and glossy finishing via "cold" metallisation.


Glossy, matte, soft touch effect and surface protection with dispersion and UV coating.


Laminating cardboard with a layer of film provides unique glossy visual effects.

Hot stamping

Glossy highlighting of every single detail.


Certified sources

We manufacture our products using a range of materials obtained via verified, FSC® and PEFC-certified sources.


We use the finest quality of materials and components to guarantee product safety, which is of utmost importance when working with industries which require approved packaging for food contact.


We help our customers pursue their sustainability policies and goals by offering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-based materials.

Seasonal and promotional packaging

We know how to make packaging memorable, sparkle with festive gold at Christmas or touch the heart on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone wants to feel unique, which is why we make sure the packaging of your products is just as special. It is tailored, carefully developed and implemented in close cooperation with your Marketing and R&D departments. So beautiful that it’s a pity to tear it open!

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Laminated trays and sheets

Your food is 100% secure in our packaging.

We guarantee an exceptional durability of our packaging solutions when exposed to moisture, grease contamination and the extreme temperatures experienced in the freezing and heating process.

BRC Packaging Certificate

With our packaging, your product is 100% safe. We use the finest materials available, meeting the strictest food contact requirements. This is proven by the relevant BRCGS Packaging Materials certificates obtained by the business and, most importantly, the lasting trust of our customers.

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Litho-laminated packaging

All available technology is used for the production of litho-laminated secondary and unit packaging. With our solutions, you can create a perfect set – a unit and collective carton manufactured on site while simultaneously using the same technology accentuating its beauty. Created from top quality materials with eye-catching finishes, our packaging solutions will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

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Gift packs

The packaging of a gift is as important as the content itself. It is a promise of the gift that lies inside.

Gift packs are usually intricate constructions that are designed to protect the products inside, but also to delight with their beauty. To achieve this effect, our design team prepares a structure individually tailored to the needs of a given product. The gift packs we produce not only ensure the safety of the product, but also stand out on the shop shelf.

Our design team offers advice on even the most complex constructions. We are one of the few packaging manufacturers in Europe to offer window pasting with up to three creases, so that the contents of the gift pack are perfectly displayed. We also have a set of all the technologies available on the printing market, so we are able to carry out all types of decoration.

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