Consumer electronics

The packaging is the best hallmark of the contents.

Lighting Industry

What distinguishes the lighting industry are the intriguing forms of light sources.
We have extensive experience in implementing projects for the lighting industry and the expertise of our team allows us to display the contents of the packaging and provide adequate protection against damage.

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What we offer

We constantly implement new ideas and deliver innovative packaging solutions, so that our customers’ brands can successfully reach out for more ambitious product targets.

Technology and beauty

Advanced printing technologies (up to 8 colours), coating (including LED or with a structural hybrid effect) and finishing (eco-friendly ECOLURE, cold foil, hot stamping and soft touch).

Out-of-the-box designs

Design and production of packaging in exceptional shapes and designs (e.g. packaging with transparent windows).

Product safety

Product safety, e.g. using additional elements such as inserts or increased packaging durability through lamination.

Heavy weight is not a problem for our products

Production of packaging made of solid cardboard and litho-laminated/corrugated materials suitable for heavier products.

Only proven solutions

The choice of technical parameters tested in production trials to obtain the appropriate rigidity and to ensure best packaging forming on the line.

Your product, our packaging

The packaging can be customised by printing a numerical code.

Certification at every level

Top quality proven with a range of industry standard certificates.

Small household appliances and electronics

The two key factors in the production of packaging for electronics are high durability and a unique design. You can trust us in both of these aspects.

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What we offer

Using unconventional packaging solutions, we fully exploit the potential of the product inside and try to enhance it even further.

Advanced printing process

Designing and implementing captivating packaging using advanced printing, coating (including UV and LED) and finishing processes (eco-friendly ECOLURE, cold foil, hot stamping and soft touch).

Top quality designs

Creating designs of the highest quality and durable materials with the option of an extra reinforcement to ensure product safety during distribution and door-to-door delivery.

Tailored designs for full safety

Even stronger packaging made of corrugated and litho-laminated cardboard reinforced with individually designed inserts for products requiring additional protection.

Fully customised package

Possibility to mark original packaging by overprinting an alphanumeric code or using holograms (anti-counterfeiting solutions).

Certified quality

The highest quality recognised by BRCGS Packaging ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, FSC® and PEFC certificates.

More solutions

If you have not found any information on the packaging options of your choice, please contact us directly.

We are happy to discuss topics of your interest while offering full support at every stage of production. From design and development to the selection of appropriate substrates and manufacturing, you are always in safe hands with us.

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Tell us about your project and we will come back to you with a proposal for implementation.


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