Seasonal and promotional packaging

Memorable “works of art” created just for special occasions.

Seasonal and promotional packaging should catch the eye of potential customers, standing out in a sea of average, everyday products. Therefore, each time they have to be different from the ones used before. It is a difficult challenge we are happy to provide solutions for.

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What we offer

With years of experience in manufacturing promotional packaging, we understand your needs for implementing promotional campaigns to the highest quality.

Just for you

Exceptional, individual designs (e.g. houses, Christmas trees, gift card packaging, advent calendars) are available.

A wide range of technologies enables the application of finishing that displays the design of your packaging – from the finest quality multicolour print and an interesting shape, to captivating finishing.

Customised and recognisable

The packaging can be customised  by  printing a promotional numeric code.

Responsiveness and flexibility

Regardless of the type of campaign – seasonal or special  – we know how important delivery schedules are. Therefore, with our 3 plants, we guarantee safety and flexibility in the implementation of projects which require short lead times. At the same time, we have experience and understanding of the workflows of distribution centres and co-packers.

Safety guarantee

Top quality proven with a range of industry standard certificates.

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