DOT2DOT exhibits at Cosmoprof Bologna 2022

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DOT2DOT at Cosmoprof Bologna 2022

From 28.04. until May 1 our team took part in the international Cosmoprof fair in Bologna, Italy. Cosmoprof is Europe’s largest beauty and cosmetics fair. Size of this event is demonstrated by the numbers: in 2019, 250,000 people took part. The fair, which has been held for over 50 years, is aimed at international companies from the cosmetics industry. They meet, among others, wholesalers, buyers and manufacturers from 153 countries.

The cosmetics industry is one of the largest recipients of packaging produced by our company.

During this year’s edition, sustainability was the most widely represented issue.

Due to the increasingly restrictive legal requirements, sustainable packaging is becoming a necessity in every industry. Although the marketing trends of recent years have convinced consumers that ecological packaging must be gray and dull, this year’s edition of the Cosmoprof fair has proved that it does not have to be that way. We also had a solid argument to prove that colour-boosting, gleaming packaging can also be eco-friendly: of course our ECOLURE technology!

ECOLURE is our new technology which allows for creating metallized packaging without plastic.

Glossy and eye-catching packaging makes the products  stand out on the store shelf. The appearance of the packaging often influences the decision to buy a given product. Manufacturers in the beauty industry are well aware of this. Thanks to the technology that allows for decoration without the addition of plastics, eye-catching packaging can become a part of the circular economy.

If you want to know more about the ECOLURE technology, check out this article, and the below report from this year’s Bologna Cosmoprof fair!

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