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Over 30 years of experience

Although we have been producing paper packaging for customers from all across Europe for over 30 years, DOT2DOT in its current shape was established in 2017 as a result of the merger of three leading Polish manufacturers in the packaging industry: Graf-Poz from Batorowo, Druk Markuszewscy from Gdańsk and Drukpol from Sulejówek. The clients of our company are the world’s largest brands and medium-sized companies for which we have already completed over 22,000 projects with us.

The last 5 years have been very important in the life of the company: during this time that we were able to fully integrate 3 separate production plants into one well-functioning structure, as well as develop our green  philosophy, DOT2GREEN.

DOT2GREEN, for a better tomorrow

At DOT2DOT, our goal is sustainable development, which aims to minimize our impact on the natural environment. It is within this strategy that we have developed DOT2GREEN, our green philosophy. As part of DOT2GREEN, we undertake a number of activities aimed at protecting the natural environment. You can find out more about the activities we take as part of the fight for environmental protection on the web page dedicated to DOT2GREEN.

Sustainability and focus on the development of ecological production methods that made us decide on our new branding.

The new image of DOT2DOT

Not only the new logo of our company colours has changed. We wanted DOT2DOT to be perceived as a modern company that it is, offering advanced solutions with a focus on sustainability, creative and flexible in the approach to cooperation with the client. Our strategy assumes even greater emphasis on sustainable development, which is reflected, among others, in development of green technologies, including our proprietary ECOLURE® plastic-free lamination technology. Our new branding is to emphasize these features. The new logo, which is also a visual extension of the slogan “packaging shapes the image”, is a combination of dots and a square that are characteristic for us, that is the packaging that influences the image of the product. Our colours, warm gray and green, should also inform you about the pillars of our activity at first glance.

New logo, ecological possibilities

Of course, the philosophy of development itself would be insufficient, if it were not supported by specific actions. We are constantly investing to modernise our machinery park, which already has 42 production machines and 20,000 pallet places, which allows us to produce 1.5 billion packaging units per year. The need for large-scale production of ecological packaging is also noticed by our customers, which include, among others, the largest global corporations. Although our ECOLURE® technology is of course the most popular, we also offer advice from our Research and Development Department, responsible for plastic to paper projects! Find out more in on our website in the DOT2GREEN section.

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