Eco-trends in packaging industry

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Ecological packaging is becoming a legal requirement.

Undoubtedly, the main trend that has a decisive impact on the characteristics of packaging in many industries is sustainability. Obviously, the main determinant of this development path are the legal regulations. The eco trend in Europe has been largely shaped for years by the essential requirements and regulations of the EU commission, which, in accordance with Directive 94/62 / EC on packaging and packaging waste, imposes on the Member States, and thus on packaging producers, strict requirements and restrictions on the use of raw materials.

The second reason why ecological packaging is becoming more and more popular is the impact of consumer decisions. In 2020, as many as 81% of Poles declared that they choose ecological solutions, even if it means an additional cost for them. According to 50% of respondents, garbage is among the greatest threats to the natural environment in Poland. Therefore, the share of packaging, which turns into waste shortly after the purchase of the product, is particularly important. The youngest consumer groups, i.e. the so-called Generation Z. Brands that plan to reach this group of consumers should already take care of the ecological aspect of their products.

Aesthetic = non-ecological?

On the other hand, the visual aspects of the packaging are still extremely important. As research shows, the impact of the shape and attractiveness of the packaging often has a decisive influence on the decision to buy a given product.

Traditional packaging finishing methods, such as lamination or hot stamping, mean that a layer of plastic is applied onto the paper packaging, which prevents the recycling of a finished product packaging.

So does colourful, gleaming  packaging have to be non-ecological? Not  when modern technologies come to the rescue. A perfect example of such technology is our newECOLURE technology.

ECOLURE®, that is lamination without plastic.

What exactly is ECOLURE? In short, it is atechnology that allowsfor the creation of metallized packaging without the permanent adherence of the plastic film on the packaging surface. During the lamination process with the ECOLURE technology, a metallic dispersion layer is transferred to the cardboard surface, and the roll with the foil is processed separately. As a result, packaging created with  this technology is recyclable and industrially compostable at the same time.

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