Forest week at DOT2DOT

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We celebrate international forestry week!

This year DOT2DOT will be celebrating International Forest Week from 24.09. to 30.09, organised and promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council. The aim of the action is to draw public attention to how responsible forest management contributes to environmental protection and mitigates climate change and related negative phenomena. Our participation in this action is not coincidental – we focus on responsible development in our activities, in line with our ESG policy and our green philosophy DOT2GREEN. One of the eight pillars of our green strategy is responsible sourcing of FSC® and PEFC™ certified raw materials.

What is FSC®?

FSC®, or the Forest Stewardship Council®, is the international non-profit organisation responsible for the certification of forests and all types of wood and paper products. The standards set by the FSC allow for safe and ecological timber production that does not disturb the biological balance of the forest environment.

What is FSC® certification?

FSC® certification covers the entire chain of custody of a product. In order for a product to be awarded the FSC® label, it is necessary that principles in accordance with the FSC® standard are followed at every stage of sourcing and processing the raw material. In practice, this means that all organisations in the supply chain must be certified.

Types of FSC® certificates

  1. FSC FM (Forest Management) is a certification for forest managers that they manage forests responsibly according to FSC standards.
  2. FSC CoC (Chain of Custody) is a certification for the entire spectrum of wood and paper entrepreneurs, traders, distributors, printers, publishers, etc.

Types of FSC® product labels

  1. 100% certified, which means that the wood used in the production of the packaging in question came only from certified forests.
  2. Mixed certification (FSC Mix) means that a minimum of 70% of the wood used for a given packaging was sourced from FSC® certified forests and the remaining 30% is so-called “controlled wood”.
  3. FSC Recycled – indicates packaging that is at least 85% recycled.

The company DOT2DOT holds that certification. This is confirmation that we are developing our business in a sustainable way. Even the first stage of production, i.e. the sourcing of the raw material, has to be done ethically and ecologically in our company. This is, of course, just one aspect of our DOT2GREEN green philosophy, which you can read more about here.

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